Tiki Size Small

Name “Iolana”

Colors: Red Green Yellow

This Iolana is a force to be recon with, Sure to keep away any bad juju!


Unique, original, sustainable art wall decor.
Each tiki mask is hand-painted on a treated palm frond.
These pieces are fit for hanging INDOORS or OUT!
Iolana (ee-oh-lahn-ah) The initial “I” is pronounced with a long e sound, and it means “soaring like a hawk.”
This Tiki Mask would look perfect in your kitchen, living room or game room or on your patio or porch.
Each piece is unique and made in our home workshop/tiki space.

The ‘Iolana’ style shown measures approx.17″ x 8″

Additional information

Dimensions 9 × 4 × 18 in