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Rasta Soljah


Rasta Soljah  Tiki Painting on Canvas. Brings you Good Rasta Vibes to your home. Also a great gift for any Rasta Lover!

Bunny Love



16″ X  20″ Framed Canvas

This Bunny Love painting was a commissioned project for someones daughter. I do most all commissioned paintings.

Mermaid in the Sun



This Mermaid is my newest painting that is available for purchase NOW!

Acrylic Paint on 20″ x 16″ Canvas.

Very Vibrant Colors, (One of my Personal Favorites to Date)!

LARGE Sea Turtle


” Vibrant Sea Turtle”  is Extremely Colorful! Sure to brighten up any room.  From the detailed mountains, to raging waved above; down to Giant Sea Turtle looking upon a vibrant coral reef.